Divorce and Family

Divorce and Family Layer Williamsburg, MISave time and money by contacting Bill for his divorce mediation services. Mediation provides both parties with legal assistance prior to the retention of legal counsel. Get started as soon as possible by contacting Bill today. He is more than happy to discuss mediation with you to see if it meets your particular needs.

The process begins with orientation, financial inventory, and assessment. Once that has been accomplished, the issues of child custody, child support, distribution of assets, and spousal support is prioritized and addressed.
The entire process consists of a number of sessions depending on the complexity of the issues and the cooperation of the parties. Throughout each session, he finds the best method for your family. Bill usually writes the settlement agreement gradually so that each party can see the document as it takes shape.

His services involve all areas of family mediation, including:

• Divorce
• Pre-Nuptial Agreements
• Probate Matters
• Family Business Formation
• Post-Nuptial Agreements
• Paternity Actions
• Will Contests
• Family Business Dissolution