The following are actual statements from parties and attorneys involved in past mediation conducted by Bill.

Domestic Relations:

“The mediator listened to both sides and was able to get my husband to negotiate and not be so firm in his desires.”

“Mr. Clark is very genuine, made me feel very comfortable.”

“Informality, willingness of mediator to bend over backwards to appear and act in an impartial, even-handed manner.”

“I really like having Bill Clark as our mediator.  He was very fair and he was very easy to work with and made the process go by very smoothly.  I really appreciated him helping us out.”

“He was neutral and focused.”

“Thank you for your assistance.  It was a pleasure working with your and I will certainly recommend your services to others.”

Plaintiff’s attorney said, “Bill Clark is 100% the best!”

Personal Injury

Case was dental malpractice resulting in a settlement of $500,000.00.  Plaintiff’s attorney said:

“Thanks for your all day professional facilitating effort which culminated in the reasonable conclusion of the above lawsuit.  Your experience as a trial lawyer and knowledge of the personal injury field is obvious and definitely significantly contributed to a successful conclusion after many hours of back and forth negotiations.”

Product Liability Case, double amputation which settled for $1,200,000.00.  Plaintiff attorney said:

“I am writing to thank for all your efforts in the case.  It was your expertise that brought the parties together after a long and arduous six year period.  Your approach to facilitation, your respect for clients and the ease of which you brought the parties together made this often difficult process that much easier.  I know that all the parties are very pleased with the outcome, especially my client.

Defense attorney said:

“The issues included application of the Tort Reform Statute, Public Act 249 of 1995, including issues dealing with alteration, misuse, sophisticated user, non-party fault and the cap on non-economic damages.

I believe that your trial experience and knowledge of the issues was a key factor in resolution of the matter.  I was not optimistic about the Court ordered facilitation.  However, once we got into the process and you got your magic working, I found my client became more open to the settlement discussions.  I want to thank you for your hard work and excellent resolution of this case.”

Case was a slip and fall with significant injury.  Plaintiff attorney said:

” I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and effort at the Mediation held in connection with their cause of action.  Both Plaintiffs expressed to me their appreciation of your professionalism and dedication to the mediation process.”

Defense Attorney said:

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you once again for your assistance is resolving this case at the facilitative mediation.  The facilitation was handled in a professional, organized and efficient manner and, as you know, resulted in the successful resolution of the case.”

Pro Bono:

“On behalf of the Oakland County Circuit Court, I would like to thank you for participating as a facilitator during the recent Civil Early Intervention Conference week.  Your involvement in this process is having a tremendous impact of the Oakland County Circuit Court docket and the civil justice system.  Thank you again for your time and effort.”

Wendy Potts, Chief Judge, OaklandCounty Circuit Court.